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[BKARTS] Format Change

I've noticed that this listserv and the Yahoo groups have changed in how
they handle the email addresses of those who post messages. In the past, one
could hit "reply" and find the email address of the original sender. Now,
one sees only the listserv address and user name. This is great, I'm sure,
in cutting down on the email addresses that spammers are able to harvest
from groups like ours and allows people to protect themselves from off-list
flames, etc. All in all, a great change. 

The down-side is that it puts the breaks on off-list contacts that used to
occur between list members - people could respond to posts privately, often
striking up an ongoing correspondence (that's how I "met" some of the people
now in our artist's co-op.)  On-list replies are preferable when talking
shop, but are not always appropriate for small talk. 

I'd like to recommend that list members who are open to contact add their
email address somewhere in their signature file. If you're concerned about
spam, you can use the format shown below. 

all the best,

Roberta Lavadour - Pendleton, OR
paper at oregontrail dot net


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