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Re: [BKARTS] Format Change

This is because of the way the headers in the e-mail are set up. If you
look at the "Full Headers" and not just the short headers, you will see
two return address headers:

From: <email address of original sender>
Reply-To: <email address of the list>

The "Reply-To" header takes precedence over the "From" header so that the
reply will go to the full list and not just the original sender. Not all
e-mail clients understand this priority so some may ignore the Reply-To
header. You can bypass this in one of two ways. You can use the "reply to
all" feature of your email client and then delete the address you don't
want or you can usually click on the e-mail address of the sender in the
original e-mail and your client will usually bring up a new e-mail to this
person (albeit without the quoted original email)

> I've noticed that this listserv and the Yahoo groups have changed in how
> they handle the email addresses of those who post messages. In the past,
> one
> could hit "reply" and find the email address of the original sender. Now,
> one sees only the listserv address and user name. This is great, I'm sure,
> in cutting down on the email addresses that spammers are able to harvest
> from groups like ours and allows people to protect themselves from
> off-list
> flames, etc. All in all, a great change.

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