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[BKARTS] How to Create Edible Book Art Part 1 - Los Angeles

In order to help our edible book artists we will be sending out weekly  
updates and tips in the month of March on creating an edible book for the  Seventh 
Annual International Edible Book High/Low Tea.  The purpose of these updates 
is to share  the process we all go through in creating edible book art and to 
help those who  are interested in participating.  We  invite book artists, 
chefs, book lovers, children and all interested parties to  create an edible book 
for this show.  There is no fee to create an edible book or to attend the 
show, this is a  chance for us to play and create for the pure joy that goes into  
creating and sharing with others. 
How To Make An Edible Book 
A Call For Entries Or Entrees, Hors d'oeuvres and Desserts 
The Los Angeles Book Arts Center invites book artists and book lovers of  all 
ages to cook up a literary feast for the Seventh Annual International Edible  
Book High/Low Tea. The tea will be held Saturday, April 1, 2006, at Kings 
Road  Park, 1000 Kings Road, West Hollywood, from 2:00 P.M. to 4:30 PM.   
Week 1 –  Choosing a topic
There are many ways to start the project but one  way to get the creative 
juices flowing is to start contemplating various  topics. 
What is your favorite book? 
What are your favorite types of books? Romance? Biographies? Children's  
Literature? Mystery? Adventure? Classic Fiction? Self-help? Inspirational?  School 
Text Book?  
Who is your favorite author? 
Who are your favorite literary characters? 
What is your most memorable scene from a book? 
What book brings back the fondest memories? 
What book had significant impact on your life? 
What book made you feel alive? 
Once you have developed a concept or book that you are  interested in 
exploring, it is now time to contemplate how that will translate  into an edible 
book.  The edible  “book” need not look like a traditional book or it can be an 
exact  representation of that book.  It can  be your interpretation or it can 
have pages, whatever expresses your feelings  about the book.  You can portray 
a  concept, a scene, a character, a moment from the book, a revelation, or 
anything  else that is significant to you. 
Is there one particular scene in the book that would be fun to recreate  in 
Is there one striking image that could be created as an art piece?  Remember 
all art must be 100% edible. 
Is there an abstract way of relaying the feeling of the book in a  
3-dimentional form? 
What does the book mean to you that could translate into an edible  book? 
The most important thing is to have fun with the project.  Remember this is 
all about celebrating  books.  There is no competition, no  judging, and no 
reason to stress over anything.  Our youngest participant was 5 years old  and if 
she can do it so can you.  For inspiration visit our website at  
_www.LABookArts.com_ (http://www.labookarts.com/)  , books2eat.com  or 
_www.geocities.com/books2eat_ (http://www.geocities.com/books2eat) .  Please discuss the edible 
with your friends, family and children you know  to get great ideas on how 
important books are to people and how much they enrich  our lives as well as for 
great creative inspiration.  Then join us in our celebration of the  book and 
all it encompasses as a learning tool, a form of relaxation and  entertainment, 
a means for us to express ourselves and a joyous homage to  life.  We look 
forward to  celebrating with you on April 1.  
There  is no fee to participate in or view this show, but we do need to know 
how many  artists will be creating edible art so we have sufficient space set 
up for the  work. For more info and to let us know that you will be placing a 
piece in the  celebration please contact Lisa Deutsch at 310-657-2616 or  

           The Guild of Book Workers' Centennial Celebration:
              October 12-14, 2006, New York City, New York.
             For all your subscription questions, go to the
                      Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
          See <http://www.philobiblon.com> for full information

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