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Re: [BKARTS] "Cotton" vs "wool"

Yes, a nostalgic reminder that English and American are quite different languages. Linda's spelling of "colour" explained the confusion instantly.

In 1978-9 I lived in London, having been named US/UK Bicentennial Fellow, and was scheduled to give a lecture at the London College of Printing. While in their composing room setting foundry type for a poster, I couldn't find a "/" in the typecase (for US/UK), so I went to the chap who kept things orderly and said, "I need a slash." He pointed down the corridor and said, "first door on the right." I assumed this was another composing room, and I would find typecases with punctuation marks, but when I opened the door it was a toilet. That mark is called an "oblique" in England. "Slash" is slang for "piss." Of course, that was in the days before the backslash ( ;> }


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