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Re: [BKARTS] Can acid-free tape bleech acidic paper?

I agree with Douglas' guess that Prussian Blue dyed the paper.

Some pigments are pH indicators.  A framer once sent a fine
lithograph to me.  He had used an alkaline-buffered tape to
hinge the litho to the back mat.

The client returned a few months later to complain.  The buffer
had migrated through the paper to the background ink and caused
severe fading.

There was nothing I could do for it.

Dick Smith (Wei T'o) once told me that the yellow pigment in legal
pad paper is an indicator species; in this case, if alkalized
it can turn pink.



>I used a light blue book weight (80#?) paper in a book - and for some
>reason - I thought it was archival. Inside the book, I used acid free J
>LAR Tape (I bought it from our friends at Talas - see link below). Fast
>forward 4 months: I open the book (had been closed and in an archival
>clamshell  book box) to discover that the back side of the blue paper -
>where the tape is stuck to the other side, has been bleached, only
>where the tape appeared.

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