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Re: [BKARTS] Can acid-free tape bleech acidic paper?

On Mar 9, 2006, at 8:04 AM, Jack C. Thompson wrote:

.... had used an alkaline-buffered tape to hinge the litho to the back mat. The client returned a few months later to complain. The buffer had migrated through the paper to the background ink and caused severe fading.
There was nothing I could do for it.
Dick Smith (Wei T'o) once told me that the yellow pigment in legal pad paper is an indicator species; in this case, if alkalized it can turn pink.


I too am aware that some colors will shift when alkalinized, however, I had heard and experienced that by RE-acidifying(?) the paper, it will go back to the former. If I remember correctly, in the case of yellow legal pad paper (or maybe it was a similar paper), I misted it ever-so-minimally with distilled water that had been bubbled with CO2 --- I believe I was was told that bubbling with CO2 made the water slightly acidic and to me that seemed less invasive than using any other type of acid, such as vinegar.
I have no idea whether or not one could RE-acidify (NOT "De-acidfy") the Prussian Blue, but it might be worth the try on a sample of the book paper that has the problem, and started this interesting discussion?

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