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Re: [BKARTS] Can acid-free tape bleech acidic paper?

As I think about it, the chance of a paper manufacturer today using
Prussian Blue to color paper seems kind of slim.  There are much
cheaper, and doubtless more consistently effective aniline dyes out
there.  I remember hearing from Twinrocker Paper that they, and Levi's,
no longer use indigo for paper and denim coloring because of cost and
material availability.

As far as Prussian Blue goes, I think the pigment will respond to
re-acidifying.  P.B. also decolorizes in the presence of light, but when
kept in the dark, will revert back to its blue form. The book paper in
question might be a different animal.

Incidentally, in consulting the chapter on Prussian Blue in "Artist's
Pigments: A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics", Fitzhugh ed.
, 1997  it is mentioned that today's formulations of this pigment have
the addition of nickel, which provides some resistance to alkaline
There are others with a better grasp of pigment chemistry and the paper
industry than I who could probably give a better answer.

-Doug Sanders

> I have no idea whether or not one could RE-acidify (NOT "De-acidfy")
> the Prussian Blue, but it might be worth the try on a sample of the
> book paper that has the problem, and started this interesting
> discussion?
> Bill Minter

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