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[BKARTS] Employment opportunity at Press at Colorado College

March 10, 2006

Dear friends in the book arts community:

Attached please find Colorado College's Human Resources office's
advertisement for a position overseeing the Press at Colorado College.
The Press was managed for several years after the death of Jim Trissel,
its founder, by his apprentice Brian Molanphy.  Brian left in summer of
2004 to pursue an MFA in ceramics at Penn State.  After Brian's departure
Chris Forsythe, a recent Colorado College Art major whom Brian had
trained, assumed this position.  Chris is himself leaving this spring and
no obvious candidate to succeed him has emerged on this campus. 

As the interlude in which the College seeks long-term funding for a
full-time faculty or administrative position at the Press continues, the
faculty committee currently overseeing its operation is hopeful that some
talented individual who has apprenticed with a master printer might find
this interim position interesting, perhaps on her/his path to or from and
MFA program.    

As you will note in the attached description, the current Press position
is a staff slot with a small salary (1462 hours at $12.47, approximately
$18K for nine months at nearly full-time or spread over a full year at
roughly ¾ time), but with good College benefits and the opportunity for
job printing on the side.  It presents an intriguing prospect--for a
journeyman printer to keep a distinguished Press alive and to work under
its imprint, to gain teaching experience by interesting students in
letterpress printing, and to maintain and develop a fine press's liaisons
with English, Art, History and other interested college faculty and

If you are aware of individuals who might be interested in such
experience, you might urge them to contact me at cneel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
for further information.  The Press at Colorado College has been a
distinctive and generative element in American book arts throughout the
eighties and nineties.  A book artist who might worthily maintain the
tradition of the Press by making books and broadsides on its beautiful
suite of Asberns, Vandercooks and related equipment will be warmly
welcomed at the College.  Our hope is that suitable candidates to occupy
this intersection between the worlds of fine printing and the liberal arts
college will contact us forthwith, because we expect to consider
applications (accessible through Human Resources' webpage at
www.coloradocollegeHR.org) on March 27.

Carol Neel
Professor of History
Colorado College
 <<press position.doc>> 

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