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Re: [BKARTS] Can acid-free tape bleach acidic paper?

If it were a Currier & Ives litho, maybe. In this instance, it was
a T.P. (Trial Proof) which made it into the market place.

No way I'd play around with that.  Sometimes life sucks.



>While it's not a totally happy solution, have you thought about laying
>down a barrier coat and inpainting the discoloured areas? (snip)
>>>> tcl@xxxxxxxxxxxx 03/10/06 2:20 AM >>>
>I tried re-acidifying a couple of the hinges, using dilute
>glacial acetic acid.(snip)
>The treatment was not successful.
>A little more discussion about this problem, along with a photo
>of the print (and the author, at age 6) may be found at:

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