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[BKARTS] Thanks

Dear People,

I hope it is all right to use this venue to thank a number of people on this list.
I recently gave a workshop and lecture for Hand Bookbinders of San Francisco,
California and The Book Users Group (BUG). at The SF Center for The Book.

Signa Houghteling , my main contact, went to bat for me knowing my approach
and methods differ from most book arts people. Her confidence in me and all
her efforts in my behalf are greatly appreciated. Debbie Kogan of BUG was
most helpful with communication and arrangements. The Artistic Director
Steve Woodall of SFCB made me feel very welcome. And, I was able to
meet some of the list members whom I had met previously on this list including David Rosen. We, including Debbie Kogan and myself, share an interest in
Fujimoto and map folds. Anne Rock, conservator at the Lacis Museum in
Berkley was in the workshop. Signa and Anne arranged a visit to the museum
which was a delight. I'll be giving a workshop there next fall. Thanks , too, to
each of the 14 workshop participants who were so receptive to my concepts
and ideas. What a great group of individuals and a very good experience for me.

Joan Michaels Paque
JMP Atelier


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