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Re: [BKARTS] font sizes: micrometer, anyone?

J. J. Foncannon wrote:

This is one of those situations in bookbinding in which a micrometer
is invaluable. I sometimes find fontsize misrepresented by sellers.
Before casing all my typefaces, I recheck the font size by using a
micrometer. (1/72 inch = 1 pt.)

That's a PostScript point, which was introduced by John Warnock because he considered the standard typographer's point -- 1/72.27000072 of an inch -- unnecessarily complex. This caused some consternation when newspapers converted to digital type and found that their copy fitting calculations no longer worked. The difference between 1/72 and 1/72.27000072 really adds up when working with thousands of lines of type.

Metal type font sizes are not misrepresented. There are several conventions for measuring type size, of which the height from the bottom of the longest descender to the top of the highest ascender is not necessarily the most representative or most accurate. The actual body size of 12 point Garamond 3 is not the same as other varieties of Garamond, for example.

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