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Re: [BKARTS] font sizes

hi Don
It is a digital type. The project is 25 hand bound, section sewn books for a 95 year old poet...who has included some essays in his work. Due to his age and the age of those receiving the books I wanted to be kind to the eyesight, whilst not looking like a large print book, I read this (below) somewhere and thought perhaps a 13 point size was something I had not heard of...it is very misleading as anything I am setting in 13 point is printing in 12 or 14 point.

However, the Garamond in the 12 point with the extra line spacing does seem to look better than most...although perhaps a tad small on the B5 size page...The cover and the spine and blurb are metal type and I wanted to keep the font similar to the text....Jess
"TrueType fonts are scaleable, which means that you can make them in any size from 1 point (to print messages on your eyelashes) to 999 points (about ten inches tall). Scaleable fonts are also called vector fonts, which means that the font isn't really a drawing, but instead a mathematical formula which the computer uses to calculate the character. The character can be increased or reduced to produce any size, including half sizes. The 7-point size is useful for making mini-telephone lists for your wallet. If you are printing a document which will be read by someone with weak eyes, then you can use a 13-point size for the text. Vector fonts can be calculated to some rather large sizes. "

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Are you working with digital or metal type?

Don Rash

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