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Re: [BKARTS] Cambras Spine-former

I have a cast iron version of the tool mentioned (and had a wooden version some years ago. Though learning rounding and backing is necessary, it is an invaluable tool for restoration in that we're often dealing with spines that are badly out of shape and that need more "encouragement" to return to roundness than hands and a hammer can give. 
Mine has 5 different arcs in it for small to large books and I find it especially helpful after cleaning the spine and moistening. I can jog the spine into the form and can even leave the book in it to set it "sag" back into shape as the paste hardens. 
For large family Bibles I do exactly as Mr. Tapley suggested: I've cut a larger packing tube in half lengthwise and it works fine. (A series of tubes of different diameters wouldn't be as "cool retro" as the real thing, but would be a great addition to a restoration shop.

Bob Roberts

-- Signa Houghteling <judy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think it's a better idea to learnhow to round and back books.

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