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[BKARTS] Gluing (Layering) boards to prevent warpage

I need to make some rigid,non-warping boards as covers for six 8.5" x
11" x 3/4" books. I know there has been extensive coverage of this
subject in the archives and I understand the principles and 
techniques, but I would like a little more clarification: I assume the
board used as the central layer is always(?) short grain, if the top
and bottom layers are long grain.Am I correct?

In order to get the thickness desired, three boards are glued
together. Can the layers be in any order, outside layers thin, inside 
layer (opposite grain direction) thicker; all layers same thickness; outside layers thick, inside layer thin. Does it matter? Could I use
Bristol for the outside layers and one of the acid-free book boards
for the center layer (or vice-versa)?

I hope you understand my question and that it doesn't make me sound stupid.

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