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[BKARTS] A New Board Slotting Machine

Board slotting is the least invasive, and possibly the strongest way of rehinging detached boards, the most common failure of book structures. Christopher Clarkson invented the technique in the late 70's, and until now there was no affordable, ready to use machine available. The Peachey Board Slotting Machine is the first machine made in the USA available for sales worldwide. It is also the only board slotting machine to have an automatic feed, which dramatically reduces tedium and operator errors.

In board slotting, an angled slot is cut into the spine edge of a board to the precise thickness of the hinging material--often laminated linen or cotton and tissue. The slot does not disturb the turn-ins, the pastedown or the covering material. When the hinging material is inserted, the thickness of the board is maintained, eliminating unsightly creases that can arise with traditional rebacking. It is also much faster than traditional rebacking--a standard octavo board can be slotted in less than 3 minutes, comparable with tissue repairs but much, much stronger. The angled slot accomplishes three things: it positions the hinge for optimum openability, it places the hinge into the center of the board where there is less deterioration, and there is less of a chance of damaging the covering material when inserting the hinge. It is an extremely useful machine for a wide variety of book structures. Although designed for rare book conservation, it is entirely useful for circulating collections.

The Peachey Board Slotting Machine comes complete with a variety of saw blades, safety guards, an integrated dust collection slot, automatic feed, and detailed instructions. The automatic feed keeps hands at a safe distance from the blade and allows for extremely precise placement. The powerful ½ HP motor automatically adjusts to any worldwide current with a simple plug adapter.

Additional specifications can be found at:


For a free instructional DVD showing the machine in action, please contact:

Jeffrey S. Peachey

150 E. 3rd. St, Suite 3E

New York, NY 10009

(212) 387-7860


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