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Re: [BKARTS] Fixor: Cleaning Up

Fixor: a chemical glaire used for gold tooling: Like BS Glaire or Auroschnitt. Sold by BookMakers.
If Fixor doesn't ring any bells, I should probably ask what you use for gold tooling. Maybe your technique works better! This has been a frustrating week for trying to get gold leaf to stick. I've made my own (Mitchell's egg-white recipe) and tried all of the above with only spotty results. Finally resorted to rocking the tools up and sliding foil underneath part of the tool at a time. 
I should add that it is dry here (35%) and that I'm working on Pearce calf, which has usually tooled easily. Lost a whole day on this.
-- Pamela Rups <pamela.rups@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Do you mean "fixative," such as a protective spray?


You can't mean Fixor, can you? Fixor is a replacement for plastic  
see  http://www.fixor.com/Advantages.html

roroberts@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> What can I use to clean excess fixor off calf? (I never was good at  
> staying in the lines.)
> Bob

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