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[BKARTS] Cuesta College Show Prospectus

Thank you for your interest in Artists' Books 2006, Cuesta College,
Fine Arts Department, San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93403-8106 

Some answers to some of the most asked questions:

This will be our sixth year of bringing artists' books to the central
coast of California and we are hoping to make this years' exhibition
our largest yet. We expect to include around 100 artists' books in this
year's show. Because we have so many books submitted each year, we are
asking artists to get their books out as soon as possible. This will
assist us in the design and construction of the exhibition.

This exhibition is a juried competition (only in that we look to keep
the number of books down to a manageable size).  But, we will make an
effort to show as many books as possible by as many artists as
possible.   There are no cash awards, only open eyes and hands awaiting
the opportunity to interact with your book forms. Remember, this will
be a hands-on exhibition, so please understand that visitors will be
handling your books. (Gloves will be provided)

If you wish to have the books for sale, please list the selling price.
There will be no commission charges. (But donations to the gallery
would be accepted)

The exhibition dates are June 9 - July 7, 2006.
All entries must be mailed to the above address, no later than May 26,
All entries must include a signed loan agreement, a return address
label, and return postage. 

I would like to take this opportunity to applaud all the artists
included in this year's exhibition for your artistic generosity and
commitment to building more awareness to the artists' book and the
multitude of forms and sensibilities it can express.

This exhibition could not continue to meet its goal of bringing the
books to the people year after year without the dedication of artists
such as yourselves. 
I can promise all the visitors to the exhibition will thank you as

Thank you

David Prochaska
Cuesta College
Fine Arts Department
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8106
(805) 546-3100 ext.2756
Artists' Books 2006
Cuesta College Art Gallery

Incoming Loan Agreement

Date				 	Lender							 
Contact Address										
In accordance with the conditions printed on the reverse, the following
object(s) is/are borrowed by Cuesta College: For the following

Artists' Books 2006							
For the period: 	June 9, 2006 to July 7, 2006			

Book Title											 Description											 
Please attach colophon, artist's statement, or prospectus.

Credit Line: 										

I have read and agree to the conditions printed on the reverse and
certify that I have full authority to enter into this agreement:

Lender								Borrower-Cuesta College	
{signature of authorized official}  								

{signature of borrower}  									
{title}							{title}

{date}							{date}

Conditions Governing Items Loaned to Cuesta College

Care and Credit
* By Loaning object(s) to Cuesta College, the Lender certifies that
objects lent are in good condition and able to withstand the ordinary
strains of packing, shipping and handling. 
* Evidence of damage at the time of receipt or while in the custody of
the Cuesta College will be promptly reported to the Lender.
* It is agreed that each object will, while on exhibit, be identified
as property of Lender.

* The Lender warrants full title as the sole owner of the object(s)
listed on this agreement or as the legal representative of the

Return of Loan
* Unless otherwise notified in writing, CUESTA will release borrowed
object(s) only to the Lender or legal representative.
* Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the loan will terminate on the
date specified in the loan agreement.
* If attempts by CUESTA to return the borrowed object(s) is
unsuccessful, then at the end of 1 year following the expiration date
of the loan, CUESTA reserves the right to treat the loaned property as
a gift and claim title. 

Shipping to Borrower (Cuesta College)
Address:  Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, California93403-8106
Contact: David Prochaska	
For arrival date no later than: May 26 2006	

Return shipping to Lender
For arrival date no later than: 		
Cost of packing and shipping to be paid by: 	_ Borrower	_X¬_ Lender

$ enclosed by lender to compensate for return shipment.

Shipment will be via:									

{Please note special packing and shipping instructions, if any.}

Shipping Notes:

The first law of motion is that bodies in motion stay in motion and bodies at rest stay at rest, unless acted upon by a force.--Isaac Newton, Principia.

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                   Entry Deadline, September 15, 2006
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                      Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
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