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[BKARTS] Japanese Paper for Leather Board Reattachment


I am set for my first attempt at reattaching a leather board from an
antique octavo book (1806). I've reviewed the listserv archives
extensively, and have decided that Don Etherington's japanese paper
technique will be suitable in this situation. I've never worked with
japanese paper before, and don't really know too much about its
properties. I can gather the general technique from previous postings,
but I'm having trouble picking out materials.

(1) What kind of japanese paper should I purchase? I read somewhere
that someone likes Sekishu, but I've found about a dozen types of
Sekishu paper on hiromipaper.com. Is the cheaper Sekishu White (blend
50% Kozu, 50% Sulphite) suitable as well? How do I determine what
paper characteristics I need to match the leather?

(2) The technique entails dyeing the Japanese paper to match my
leather...how do I do this? What types of dyes should I purchase, and
where? Is the proper dyeing process described on the internet or
elsewhere on this listserv?

(3) Finally, the technique recommends a microcrystalline wax to give
the joint a more leathery look. Any recommended brands? Where can I
find such a wax?

I appreciate all responses in advance. I'm new to book repairs. Though
I've made a couple of cloth-bound books from scratch, my real love is
in collecting books. I want to preserve and improve my collection
using some repair techniques.

Matt Joe

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