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[BKARTS] Fabrication/frustration/sex and drugs

Dear list, and Richard,

I too have that very frustrating problem Richard Minsky mentioned in an earlier post I seem to have misfiled, and so I will not be quoting it.
I make unique books for various artists, who give me the insides, or I make a blank book for them to draw/write/paint in, and they put these books into art shows, resulting in the artist selling/placing these book art bindings, one of a kind bindings and binding applications, in museums and private art collections worldwide. As of yet, I have had no mention in any credits that the bindings are by moi, the only credit is the Artist credit who did the drawings/writing inside. I have let this slide by. I know its my work.
The most recent frustration is with an Artist, who is having a solo show this month. The bulk of the show consists of 7 bindings of my design, unique for his drawings, ranging from 17"x17" to the largest size, 6'x10' (yes, the large books border on sculpture). He also has a book published about his work coming out coinciding with the show, which has my binding work in it as well as another bookbinder/book artist . There is no mention/credit of our binding work in the book, and there is no mention/credit of my binding work in the upcoming show. When I asked the Artist about this, he said that 'fabricators' do not have credit mentions. The Artist pointed out that Richard Serra (and others) do not mention their fabricators. True, in the sense they hire people to smooth plaster for them. Makes me want to crumple a whole text block up sheet by sheet and throw it out on the street. I do not consider myself a fabricator, perhaps a few wild tales here and there, but my bindings surely are not fabrications (sorry, I need some humor this morning.) The Artist has said in the future he will give me bookbinding credit (not for book art) after a long heated discussion, which made me realize that the Artist was avoiding any situation relating to 'book art', as in the "real' art world, book art is not considered 'real' art, but, an Artists Book is Art, and heaven forbid a one off unique binding being considered art, it is just the fabrication of the artists' book. Which amazed me, as this Artist is a well informed intelligent person, who does love the work I do for him. He is just following the 'norm'. Bo-hucky to the norm is what I say.

Photographers fought this, and now, photo credits are a 'must' in publications and catalogs.
What do we have to do as a group of artists to get accredited? I suppose this list is part of it. I admit I'm a bit emotional about the whole thing this week, and I hate to point my finger at anyone, but it's time to not let this slide by for me, or any other book artist/binder. I now have a goal to change this. But as Richard stated, we are a group of open sharing artists....
I just don't know. To fabricate or not to fabricate, that is the question.
Back to the bench to ponder why sex and drugs is in the header.
Regards and thanks to the list, I love it. I apologize for not adding my two cents in more often.
Charlene Matthews

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