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Re: [BKARTS] Fabrication/frustration/sex and drugs

Dear list,
Thank you for all who have let me know I have due credit, I appreciate it. I should have not outlined my personal experience so well, but I thought the gist of my rant needed background flavor. Are we Fabricators? I could have left some details out. But hey. I will be announcing the show in a day or so, maybe, and I hope some of you will go see the books and ask who did the bindings.
After 20 years of binding, I have heard all sorts of things from the customer, but had yet to hear that one. I was responding to Richards earlier post (Meander/jab/syntax header) mentioning how you see these wonderful bindings in catalogues and books, and the binder is not mentioned, and since I had just had this experience, I realized that there is a whole group out there that sees book binding as fabrication. Maybe that is why. If one looks it up in the dictionary, it is far from it.
Yes, I was shocked and horrified to become a book fabricator, after being a hand binder for all these years, but I think I am over it, and have spent the day cleaning the shop and mulling over some finer points of fabricational pursuits.
-Oscar I capitalized Artist to make it singular, not plural. I could have left it low caps, but somehow that suited.

Regards and thanks again,
Charlene Matthews

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