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[BKARTS] Fabrication/frustration/sex and drugs but in the wrong order

The Artist is correct; it is not current practice to credit fabricators nor studio assistants nor the cute coffee guy at the corner. Reminds me of the great opening debate in Reservoir Dogs over which servers are "tip worthy".
Yes yes I know that we are to believe that these Bindings are Artistic Statements in which case the Binder has only him/herself to blame for the deficient contract accepted.
If you think any Artist is going to be able to commit every gallery owner or institution to "properly" credit every worker, well get away from the Kool Aid. Just imagine the added tree deaths!
And think for a moment: did the Binder include a complete colophon and credit each and every of their suppliers and fabricators (paper, thread, adhesive, teachers, well you get the idea) in the books? I'll bet not. But are they not "tip worthy" as well? Must every gallery blurb now become an ass numbing Academy Award acceptance speech?
And just whose name is on that gallery invitation anyway, hmmm? Who is Wayne Newton and who is the silicon bosomed showgirl in this equation?
But thank our stars the solution is simple: the Binder need only generate a worthy showing of Art Bindings and thus gain their own entry to that Snake Pit.
Until then be grateful you got paid and as they say in France, its back to work... best, James
PS Try reading (or re-) Soetsu Yanagi's THE UNKNOWN CRAFTSMAN with a good cup of kona as a healthy corrective.

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