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[BKARTS] Fabrication

I usually don't chime in on this stuff, but I am
incensed that an artist would treat another artist or
craftsperson that way. The way I look at it is that a
binder is a craftsman and is making a special
structure for the artist to use as a canvas. If the
artist wants to go to the art store and buy a book to
paint in, then that is what they should do. But, if
they want a specific kind of book, a specific type of
binding, a specific size of structure, and they ask a
bookbinder to create that structure, then it is a
collaboration. If the artist wants to make their own
book to paint or draw in, more power to them. If they
work with a bookbinder, then that person should be
given credit, no question. If an artist refuses to do
that, then the binder should not do the work for them.
There, I said it.

Ellen Knudson

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