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[BKARTS] Sex and drugs and bookbindings

Here's a suggestion posing as a story:

There's a statue on the Pont Neuf in Paris of King Henri IV, put up in 
the nineteenth century to replace the previous one, destroyed in the 
French Revolution. The "fabricator," who happened to be a bit of a 
revolutionary himself, spent the rest of his life discreetly bragging 
that there were obscene anti-royalist pamphlets and such hidden 
somewhere inside the horse. Whether that was true or not is irrelevant 
to the story.

Likewise, a friend of mine was once asked to bind a book for a certain 
head of state - though "head" may be a bit over the top, here. He once 
explained some of the techniques involved; I'd never known there were 
so many uses for body fluids in bookbinding.

Then there's the "Georges de la Tour" at the Metropolitan Museum of 
Art. As the French say...

Paul T Werner, New York

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