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Re: [BKARTS] Bindings and credit

I am mostly a lurker but I am a mixed media artist and do some of my work in the book format. To be quite honest, I hadn't thought about the binding as separate from a book in the sense that an 'author/artist' would take credit for the entire piece and not just the portion that is their work - not good in my mind. As an artist, Charlene, to document your work? Do you have photos of your work in a portfolio? It would be tempting to show a copy of your porfolio to the location where the show is - but probably not tactful. 
I think I would definitely sign each piece and document them in a personal portfolio. And maybe not during the show, publicize the bindings as art pieces in and of themselves. Do you show your work? Maybe write an article for some of the 'art' magazines.


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