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[BKARTS] Fabrication/frustration/sex and drugs

A reasonably large proportion of so called 'artist books' exhibited in major galleries and competitions in Australia are books bound by someone other than the 'artist' and there is rarely credit given to the binder. Some of these books appear to be little more than a portfolio of work from a printmaker or painter that has been given to a binder to put into book form.

For me the issue of credit arises only when they are exhibited as artist books. If they are exhibited as portfolios or a different way of presenting two dimensional work, then the contribution of the binder is rather like that of a framer (coffee grinder might be throwing too long a rope). It is when they are exhibited as artist books that questions arise. The only thing that (just) qualifies them for entry into an exhibition of artist books is that they are bound, but the binder is rarely acknowledged.

It also makes a difference who conceives the work. I am often approached by artists who have an idea for an artist book but no idea how to achieve it in a practical sense. In this case I charge for my time in helping them make the book, but do not expect credit as a collaborating artist.

Judy Barrass


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