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Re: [BKARTS] Fabrication/frustration/sex and drugs

I have worked on several books of late where I have done the lay-out and taken the book to a professional binder for the writer to have it custom bound, and we are placing the binders name "Bound by ....." and my own name " Lay-out by..." on the title verso along with the text type and font size. I have seen this on other custom made books. I think it is a nice tradition, honouring the work of all and it has a sense of integrity in that the reader/viewer is given an appreciation for all parts of the process.
Jessica (Syme)

Wiering Books wrote:

How often does one find a ticketed or signed binding?

I have a wonderful little book that was bound by Riviere. I know who the binder was because Riviere stamped his name on the inside front cover in (about) a six point font.

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