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Re: [BKARTS] Dissolving Books

On Sun, 7 May 2006 14:20:09 -0700, Signa Houghteling <judy@xxxxxxxxxx>

>I take your point, but I do think it's the teacher, not the student, who
>sets the starting point and perameters.

That's BS.  If the sainted Leonardo himself were teaching a painting
class, his students would still have to begin at the beginning.  Put
another way, if there is no progression from A to B, then what is the
point of learning?  In your equation, we would all spring from our
fathers' foreheads with full knowledge of our given crafts.  Athenes, we
are not.  As mere mortals, we have to learn, which means that we were
all novices, once.

One might ask what your early bindings looked like.  I know what my
early paintings looked like.  They're good for a laugh, or maybe as a
cautionary tale, but I take some small pride in the fact that I can see
a steady progression from the artwork I created at the beginning of my
journey and that which I create now.  Perhaps, in the future, I'll look
back and laugh at the work I'm creating today.  I only hope so.  Growth
is a good thing.

Shelly (not a book binder by any stretch of the imagination)
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-- Paul Gauguin

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