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Re: [BKARTS] Fabricators in the NYT

Yes, I even stopped working the times crossword to read it. Interesting. I am in the process of writing up a whole book binding/book arts/artists book 'view point' on fabrication (entitled How I Lost My Face) there was also an interesting bit in the New York Journal, something about Barneys and Pierson, that hit a nerve, I believe Saturday.

Note, that it is sculpture. (which encorporates a lot of different mediums, much like the book artist) The artist the fabricator is making forms/ for, is an artist who works in the same medium as the fabricator. The fabricator gets instructions on How to make the piece, he does not do anything the artist does not instruct him to do and generally, the artist Is capable of making the piece themselves, but is not, due to size, or status. That is a bit different than someone coming into your bindery, seeing your book art, and saying I want my books to look like that...anyway, move on.

The new trend, I have a fabricator so now I can run with the big boys and be an Idea person, (better than poker chips I guess) I still say hooey.
Anyway, I am almost done writing up an article about this for Judith at Umbrella, should be out next issue. I am in a bit of a rush and have to cut this short, but thanks all for all the interesting food for thought.
Til then,
who loves spiral books

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