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One of the things a good collaborator must have,no matter how large or small her/his role in a project may be, is good communications skills. If you can't communicate your expectations clearly to another artist before the project is undertaken then you're the one who's dropped the ball.

I've created sketch and exhibit guest books for a couple of well-known artists - I insert a binder's ticket and signature and call it good. The artists and I are both clear about our roles for these particular projects - mine is as a support person, the book defers to the artist's work/concept. One artist's sketchbooks are going to be housed in a prestigious Dutch museum but I would never list that on MY resume (although I may reserve the right to casually drop it into conversation at cocktail parties...) or expect to be mentioned by name if they are exhibited. Like James said, the check is a great show of appreciation and all that's appropriate in those situations.

On the other hand, when working with other artists on collaborations where each person's work is equally prominent or integral to the concept of the artwork, equal credit would be rightly expected. As above, the way the credit/gallery labels/etc. are presented (whose name is first, how their contribution is noted, etc.) is agreed upon at the beginning of the process.

...and to contact another artist's gallery?? Yikes! Very bad form and a quick way to sully your name with the gallery and everyone s/he might tell.

Sometimes, you have to just learn your lesson and move on.

all the best,

Roberta Lavadour - Pendleton, OR
Mission Creek Press

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