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[BKARTS] Workshop openings at the Garage Annex School, Easthampton, MA

The next two workshops coming up at the Garage Annex School in
Easthampton, MA are (1) Letterpress Printing and Composition with Art
Larson and (2) Ethiopian Binding: Leather-Covered Wooden Boards with
Shanna Leino.

We need two more students to commit to each of these excellent workshops
in order for them to run. If you are interested in or have been thinking
about registering for one or both of these workshops, please contact
Greta Sibley (413)529-0070 to let us know.

Please visit www.GarageAnnexSchool.com to see images, get more
information, and check out the rest of our 2006 program. And please help
spread the word about our workshops.

Thank you very much!

Letterpress Printing and Composition
June 12-16 (Mon.-Fri.)
$475 plus $50 materials fee
Instructor: Art Larson
special location: Art Larson's studio in Hadley, MA

This five-day intensive will explore elementary and advanced typesetting.
You will also learn how to operate Vandercook proof presses (there are
two No. 4's and a 325g in the shop). Workshop participants will set and
print a 32-page pamphlet and a broadside. No previous typesetting or
printing experience is necessary. However, if you are experienced, you
will be challenged to explore advanced topics.

Art is especially adept in printing dampened, hand made paper. His shop
is set up to dampen and dry sheets in a variety of ways. Other resources
include a large number of wood type fonts, monotype and foundry
ornaments, and an etching press for printing intaglio.

Art Larson
Art began his book arts career in 1979 working at The Hampshire
Typothetae with Harold McGrath and Barry Moser. From 1983 to 1987 Art
furthered his typesetting and printing skills working with Dan Keleher at
Wild Carrot Letterpress. In 1987 Art opened his own shop, Horton Tank
Graphics, which specializes in fine letterpress book printing and edition
printing of woodcuts and wood engravings. During this period he's worked
in collaboration with many publishers and artists, including Leonard
Baskin (The Gehenna Press), Claire Owen (Turtle Island Press), and Ben
Shiff (Osiris Editions). Since 1994 Art has also printed all of the
letterpress for Michael Kuch's Double Elephant Press books. In 2003 he
began printing the etchings for these editions as well.

Ethiopian Binding: Leather-Covered Wooden Boards
June 17-18 (Sat.-Sun.)
$175 plus $40 materials fee
Instructor: Shanna Leino

Ethiopian binding is infused with a centuries-old tradition that is alive
and well to this day.

You may be wondering how Ethiopian binding is distinctive. Ethiopian and
Coptic are related and, therefore, have a lot in common, but there are
typical differences both in techniques used and in the materials. For
example, while the covers of Coptic bindings are often constructed using
laminated papyrus or vellum, Ethiopian bindings more commonly employ wood
for their covers.

These simple, unpretentious volumes are designed to hold up well, and
become more handsome with heavy use.

Because the majority of Ethiopian bindings are modest, their wooden
boards are usually left uncovered, but the binding you will make in this
workshop will be of the more finished, leather-covered variety.
With her characteristic energy and enthusiasm, Shanna will initiate you
into this stream of hundreds of years of tradition.

Over the course of two full days you will have the opportunity to
practice many techniques, and make use of a range of interesting materials.

You will begin by learning to prepare your wooden covers.

Other highlights include making an unusual endband--woven of leather and
then sewn to the book through the leather covering. Also, your leather
covers and wide turn-ins will be ornamented by tooling.
Shanna's exploration of the tradition of this structure led her to create
her own simple, beautiful, hand-cut finishing tools which she will bring
for your use. Though you will be following traditional patterns, Shanna
encourages you to loosen up and practice freedom in tooling.

Your book will have a flat spine and unsupported sewing.

Shanna will bring models of other Ethiopian bindings, allowing you to see
a number of variations.

All levels of experience are welcome. Shanna promises that the leather
work, wood work, and ornamentation are all very approachable. In fact,
this workshop provides an ideal environment for practicing working with
wood and leather.

Students with experience will likely be challenged in the particularities
of this binding, and in the unusual freedom with which you will be
encouraged to tool the leather.

You can expect to complete one binding with beautiful ornamentation.

Shanna Leino
Shanna Leino is a studio artist living in Harrisville, N.H.
Stricken with book fever during high school, she looked for a way to
acquire the skills she desired. With book ambitions in mind, Shanna took
sculpture, wood and metal shop, printmaking, and jewelry classes while
studying at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.
Shanna spent four years in Iowa City where the book community provided
the environment, inspiration, and understanding of structures that helped
her integrate her diverse skills and put them to use in service of the
book. Shanna was hired by the University of Iowa to build three historic
models--Coptic, Greek, and Armenian. It was during this grant-supported
labor that the need for appropriate finishing tools led Shanna to begin
to create her own tools.
In addition to making finishing tools, Shanna makes steel hand tools,
e.g., chisels and awls.
Shanna has taught at the Paper and Book Intensive, The Columbia College
Center for Book and Paper Arts, and the Center for Book Arts.


Greta D. Sibley
One Cottage Street #5
Easthampton, MA 01027
413-529-0071 fax


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