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Re: [BKARTS] from clever to corny

Weak one-liners appear in the book arts, but it's certainly not

One-liners happen also in photography, painting, the rest of the visual
arts, and the spoken arts as well (if you count thin and obvious plots
in novels and poems by certain well-known poets).

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Just a thought -

"Successful bookmakers always employ the appropriate and frequently 
they exploit special features, properties, or idiosyncrasies of the 

True, but I think this can go too far. When a book is just too darn 
clever - it appears more like an illustration or a one-liner - and 
enters the World of the Lame. I think too many artist books that fall 
into this category - and instead of making the viewer really think 
about the whole project or piece - s/he sees it, gets it, and moves on. 
Nothing worth remembering.

Just sayin'.

Your Friend-

-Scott Teplin

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