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[BKARTS] technical question

	After recasing a book and attaching the Plexiglas rods to make those cute little dimples in the spine, I place the book
in the bookpress.  I suppose this is standard procedure, but my question is this.  How long do you leave the book in the
press?  Overnight?  Several hours? Is it possible to overdo it?  I know that when rebinding with leather, depending on
the thickeness of the leather, it is possible for the turn downs to leave unsightly impressions on the pages.  Someone
on this list suggested placing thin boookboard between the end papers the minimize this, but is it also possible to
leave the book in the press for a shorter period of time?

 Jet Foncannon
 Philadelphia, PA  19139

	Rabi and Kusch, the former and current chairman of the department [at Columbia University] came into my office...."You
should stop the work you are doing. You know it's not going to work.  We know it's not going to work. You're wasting
money.  Just stop!"
	Llewelyn H. Thomas, a noted Columbia theorist, told me that the maser flatly could not, due to basic physics
principles, provide a pure frequency with the performance I predicted.  So certain was he that he more or less refused
to listen to my explanations. After it did work, he just stopped talking to me.
			Charles S. Townes, "How the Laser Happened."


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