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[BKARTS] July workshops in western Canada


I'll be teaching in western Canada this July:

July 3-7 at Series 06 in Red Deer Alberta
(www.rdc.ab.ca/continuingeducation/visual_arts/series.html) \

A Book A Day: Content and Artists' Books
Successful artists' books integrate content, materials, and form. The focus
of this week is integrating the content. You will each pick one starting
point: a photo, text, found object or conceptual idea. Using your
content-based starting point, you will create a book a day, each day moving
further beyond the obvious. Throughout the week, you will learn different
ways to approach content and different art techniques for working with the
content. You will play with size and scale, from miniature to oversize. By
the end of this process-oriented course, you will not only have five books
but also a solid understanding of how to develop your artistic ideas.
Familiarity with the book form (whether as book artist, binder, book
designer, writer or illustrator) and/or previous book-making experience is
helpful but not essential.

July 10-14 at Series 06 in Red Deer Alberta
and July 25-28 at Emily Carr Institute for Art and Design

Seeing Through: Exploring Transparency and Translucency

Layering in our artwork reflects our lives: the layering of events and
places over time. In this course, you will experiment with a range of
transparent and translucent materials, each of which has its own technical
challenges (e.g. how they accept images and other media, folding, adhering,
sewing). The materials provided for experimentation include industrial
materials, Western art materials, and Japanese papers, and range from metal
and fibreglass mesh and frosted drafted film to fine tissues. We will
examine both the aesthetic implications and the symbolic meaning of each
material and of the layering itself. Techniques for working with the
materials will be taught. This is a process-oriented course: a chance to
experiment with new materials, integrate them into your art/craft form and
expand your options for art-making.

For those of you not familiar with my work, it can be seen in the online
gallery exhibit Personal Visions: Engaging with the Book (www.cbbag.ca) and
on my website www.miracoviensky.com.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions about the workshops.




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