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[BKARTS] Blood

I answered Abi Sutherland's query on removing blood stains from paper or cloth the other day but, for some reason, my response was lost in transit. 

The best treatment is saliva on a q-tip or toothpick applied when the stain is fresh or after it has dried. Cold water is also effective but it takes a little more gentle application. I have even removed old insect stains with saliva or cold water.

Actually, it is the enzymes in the saliva that dissolve (neutralize, digest) the proteins in the blood. If heat were to be applied to the stain before treatment, the proteins would be "cooked" and the stain would become permanent.

I guess I learned about removing blood stains as a child, with 4 active siblings always getting scraped knees and bloody noses before the days of Kleenex, helping my mother with the laundry. Any bloody handkerchiefs or other bloodstained items were put into a pail of cold water to soak before they went into the hot water in the washing machine.

Betty Storz 

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