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Re: [BKARTS] Saliva Milking

Margie's question caused me to Google the topic a bit. Apparently saliva collection (milking) is routinely done for DNA, drug and hormone testing. Hence some information is available on the topic.

Based on http://www.dnagenotek.com/pdf/LongTermStorage_Dec0104.pdf saliva can be stored up to a year at room temperature in their Oragene (brand name) collection vial. However it contains "proprietatry reagents that inactivate bacteria and nucleases in saliva and minimize chemical hydrolysis of DNA." They also indicate salvia may be frozen for indefinite long-term storage.

Another site, http://www.salivatest.com/store/saliva_ref.html, noted "samples could be stored unrefrigerated for up to 1 week with no effect on apparent testosterone level" and "The results of the assays were not affected by storage at -20 [degrees] C or colder for up to 1 year."

A number of sites outline procedures for saliva collection, http://www.aeron.com/saliva_collection_instructions.htm, for example. Essentially, have a relatively clean mouth and spit in the container.

If Abi knows she's about to undertake another potentially bloody book repair, she could begin collecting some saliva a day or two before and just keep it nearby on the bench for immediate use. It is unlikely to "go bad" over a short time frame. Freezing seems a bit more problematic since she would have to thaw it before use. Regardless, due to a mutation of Murphy's law if she does collect the saliva she will not need it. That alone might be a good reason to collect some!

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