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Re: [BKARTS] Robert Heinecken

As some of you noticed in today's New York Times, Robert Heinecken, my
friend, died in Albuquerque after a long bout with Alzeihemer's. He was an
icon in the photographic world, although he rarely used his camera.  Founder
of the UCLA Photography Department, he was a major supporter, collector, and
proponent of artist books, having made several limited edition bookworks
himself, using appropriated imagery from TV, porno magazines, popular
journals and other publications.  I was honored to have him in the
exhibition I co-curated with Joan Hugo, Artwords & Bookworks, which opened
in 1978 and traveled throughout the U.S. and Australia and New Zealand.

Robert will be remembered by many photographers, but I will always remember
him as one who appreciated artist books.  His own collection is now housed
in the Arts Library of UCLA along with mine.  Many of his friends throughout
the world exchanged books with him, and so his early acquisitions were from
countries I had never known were the homes of artists who made bookworks. So
here's to Robert, my friend and friend of artist books!

Judith A. Hoffberg
P.O. Box 3640
Santa Monica, CA 90408

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