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Re: [BKARTS] Need for advice

When I make this kind of book, I use watercolor paper that is the same on both sides, so it doesn't matter which side you paint on. I also check the paper for grain. It should be grain short, so that when you fold the paper the grain runs parrallel to the spine.

I fold all the paper ahead of painting. Then I number them lightly in pencil so I know which page is where. Then I paint on the appropriate page (or half-page). I often sew the book together before I paint, so I don't forget where I wanted the text pages. Those "two blank pages" often become one single painting (with a very slight gap down the middle where the folds meet) that I paint after I sew with the image flowing across both pages, or just another layout of text on one side and a painting on the other.

Hope this helps,
Ann Frellsen

Georgia H Chilton wrote:

I want to make a small book out of water color paper that would have sections and lie flat. Plan to use 140 lb weight. Probably a soft cover.

The question is how do I cut or align the pages so I consistently have the surface for the painnting next to each other. I don't know if I am being clear.

I plan to have words on the left side and images on the right, If I use a single piece and fold it properly the right side of the wc would face each other. But after that segment, that would leave two blank pages following surfaces not for w/c painting.

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