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Re: [BKARTS] Gluing Boxes Square - Using a jig to help

Hi Don,

I had a go at this, but found it even fiddlier than not doing double walls.
I guess I need to try and get that book.
The box board is 2.5mm thick so I made one wall 5mm shorter than the other
and glued it to the other wall...forming a t-joint if that makes sense.  Did
that 3 more times and I had 4 walls (double walled).  I then joined all the
t-joint walls together but found it was slightly out of whach.
Cutting with an Olfa and a logan ruler...tried the logan straight cutter and
that thing is woeful - even on a logan ruler...and yes...even with a backing
I'm thinking of saving my penny's and buying a 650 Framers Edge Mat cutter.
While it's not specifically for cutting boards, do you think it will be ok?
The mat cutter would come in handy as I need one to mat and frame my prints

Brad Kennedy

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If you will make your boxes double walled according to the instructions in
Boxes for the protection of rare books: Their design and construction,
Brown, Margaret, ISBN O-8444-0365-2 You will not experience this 'fiddly'
problems. Your boxes will be strong and easier to assemble (though a bit
more work to cut).

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

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