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Re: [BKARTS] Gluing Boxes Square - Using a jig to help

I learned from Martha Little the benefit of using a "box-box" to keep things square when assembling boxes. Mine is made of plywood finished with formica - it's got a floor piece approx. 12" x 12" with two adjoining walls that have been set at perfect 90 degree angles. The binder board edges of box parts are glued up, placed together, then pushed into the corner of the box-box and held against the walls with weights until dry. (the more sharp and clean the edges are on the weights, the better).

You can see my "box-box" sitting on my work bench (look through the lamp arms on the left) in the photo that accompanies "The Practical Bench" in the Spring 2005 edition of "The Bonefolder".

After using this for the past few years, I swear by it.

all the best,

Roberta Lavadour - Pendleton, OR
Mission Creek Press

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