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Re: [BKARTS] Anyone using a mat cutter successfully

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone was using a mat cutter successfully to cut through
box board or binders board to keep all things square and uniform?
I have used a 701 Logan Straight Cutter (seen here:
http://www.logangraphic.com/i/pb-straightcutter.jpg ) with a dedicated
straight edge for it to slide along.  This thing is about as useful as tits
on a bull - couldn't cut melted butter in a straight line.  It can wobble
from side to side as you move it along the guide rail of the straight edge.
This 701 straight cutter is included with all of Logan's Mat cutters
(http://www.logangraphic.com/products/boardmounted/) except for their most
expensive mat cutter: The Framers Edge 650 (see
If you have a look at the straight cutting head on that link to The Framers
Edge 650, you'll see that it has what looks to be a sturdier, more dedicated
guide rail to slide along - and I'm assuming that will guarantee a straight
cut.  Has anyone used this particular mat cutter successfully to keep things
square and uniform with box/binders board?
Brad Kennedy

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