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[BKARTS] Box board...Grain and archivability?

Hi All,
As some of you will know, I am learning how to make boxes - drop-spine boxes
(or clamshells...only I think clamshell has a bit of a cheap sounding
connotation).  For the boxes, I am using boxboard.  My local art supplier
can supply box board as well as, what they call, bookbinders board (don't
know if that means Davey board though).
This boxboard comes in two thickness.  2.5mm which is what I'm using, or
another thinner version which I think is about 1 to 1.5mm thickness.
Q1.  Is this board very archival?  Acid free etc?  How would I tell?
Q2.  How do you tell which way the grain runs in these boards?
Q3. Mythol Cellulose (? spelling).  My art supplier looked at me cross-eyed
when I asked if they sold it.  Does it have another name?  Where do you buy
As per an online video tutorial I saw the other day, I guess I need to mix
Mythol Cellulose with water and then mix that with my PVA to thin it down.
And I'm guessing I need to make this solution up for gluing cloth to my
boxes so the glue doesn't set so fast.
Kind regards,
Brad Kennedy

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