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Re: [BKARTS] missing apostrophe

As a publisher, we occasionally have similar problems. Here are a few
options we've used successfully (or not, depending on how much of a
perfectionist you happen to be):

1) Draw it in with a decent drawing pen/marker.
2) Tip in a new page after painstakingly removing the 50 you've already
printed and bound.
3) Ignore it. Mistakes add character.
4) Throw away the whole damned manuscript and try again...with more
attention to detail and Zero Profit by the end of it all (when you
consider the sunk cost of the last messed up version).
5) Increase the price of the book, calling it a "collectors edition"
because it is a misprint, and (using the excuse)" Don't misprints make
it more valuable in the long run?"
6) Learn to hire a real proofreader and hope that they are good at what
they do (because everyone makes mistakes). 
7) Start pointing out the mistakes that EVERY Publisher/Book Artist
makes, because we all know that the price of absolute perfection is ZERO
8) Do like my son and blame it on his sister...
9) Realize that few people, if any, will notice.
10) Make jokes about it during the opening party, and blame the writer:
tell everyone that he tries to be Robbie Burns and writes in accent -
but that no one knows what an American accent sounds like anyways. Worse
yet, tell people that this book is a literary experiment in
"Net-Speak"...IMHO...LOL! :)

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