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Re: [BKARTS] removing cigaret smell from books/ comprehensive list of Book ArtsFairs

Thanks for the direct link, Rich. I had the same problem as J. J.
Foncannon, and even when I scrolled down the whole length of the screen,
looking for the box that Carol described, I couldn't find it. There's no
scroll bar on the bottom of my screen indicating that there may be more
content to the left of what is showing. Very strange.

It's a very interesting website.

Lavinia Adler

On Mon, 3 Jul 2006 23:08:13 -0400 "J. J. Foncannon"
<bolu.bolu@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> 	Rather than giving a link which doesn't work, or which is out 
> of date the very next day,  or which connects to a
> website where the desired material is nowhere to be seen and has to 
> be searched for, why don't people just cut and paste
> the desired material into the e-mail?

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