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[BKARTS] book deodorizer

Sorry about the confusing link. I did copy the URL from the product page but
failed to notice that it reverts to the website URL. I have been on the
BKARTS list for a while now, with nothing to contribute until now....and I
feel like such a goof for posting the "bad" link. The tip on opening a new
window to obtain the correct URL is a great one - I have actually had a
problem trying to bookmark this page before (but forgot that). I did email
the webmaster (J. Godsey) about the problem. The Bullpen is an interesting
website anyway - basically built as a blog for the Bibliophilegroup (a
bookseller mailing list by paid subscription). The owner of the Biblist is a
specialist bookseller in books on  Mexico and bullfighting, hence the
Bullpen name.

At any rate, the product is great and Joyce (Godsey) stands behind it 100
percent. Her conservator background is pretty good, too.

Regards, Lee

Lee Kirk
"Cats are composed of Matter, Anti-Matter, and It Doesn't Matter."
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