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[BKARTS] International Book Art Festival VIII edition Poland


Enclosed please find information about the Book Art Festival which will take 
place at the Book Art Museum in LODZ, Poland in December 2006. Please contact 
Alicja Slowikowska, if you have any questions (phone: +48 502 734030  email: 

Best regards,

Beata Wehr

International Book Art Festival  VIII edition
December 2006 – December 2008


Book Art project has been promoting and encouraging any unconventional 
attitudes about books.
 It  deals with book-objects, book-installations, one-offs, author's books, 
artist's books, writer's books, experimental and limited editions, fine press 
books, etc.
The core of the project is an exhibition composed of works selected in a 
competition and made by the artists invited by the organisers. After the premiere 
(which usually took place in Warsaw) 
the exhibition is shown in many prestigious venues (art galleries and 
libraries) throughout Poland and abroad. Carefully and unconventionally designed 
catalogues containing colour pictures 
of exhibited items, artists' short biographies and opinions about their work, 
various essays
 and reviews, a lot of pieces of useful information valuable both for 
ordinary book lovers and those ones professionally dealing with books, are very 
important for promoting the idea of book art.
 So far we made more than 100 exhibitions and published 15 different 
catalogues and a special booklet (for the 5th anniversary of the project), postcards, 
 More details can be found at our website: www.bookart.pl.

WANDERING was the main topic of the 7th edition of Book Art project.
This year TIME is the main theme.

The premiere exhbition of the Book Art Festival “TIME” will take place in 
December 2006
 at the Book Art Museum in ?ód?.

Organisers of the festival:
Polish Artist Union Main Board, Polish Artist Union Book Art Section, Book 
Art Museum in ?ód?, Book Art and Paper Art Foundation

Art Galleries

Author and curator of the project: 
Alicja S?owikowska (phone: +48 502 734030  email: alicja.slowikowska@xxxxx

Art Council and Organising Committee:
Jadwiga Tryzno, Janusz Tryzno, Joanna Stokowska, Ewa Latkowska-?ychska, 
Danuta Wróblewska, Marek Gajewski, Rados?aw Nowakowski, Grzegorz Borkowski


Any book artist from any country can take part in the competition.
Up to four artist's books can be submitted by one author/artist or a team. 
The books should be completed within last six years (2000-2006) in any 
technique and belong to the author/artist, art gallery or press.

As for the texts not written by the artist we ask to obey general rules of 
the copyright. The name of a writer
 (and a translator), the title (and the original title), name of a publisher 
and year of publishing should be given.
The entry form should be send no later than October 15, 2006 to:
Book Art Museum
Tymienieckiego 24
90-349 LODZ
E-mail :  bookart@xxxxxxxxxxx

There are no limitations regarding technique and form, however in case of 
very complex and unusual works due to material, size or construction the artist 
is kindly requested to contact the organisers. 
It might happen the work will not be accepted due to the problems with 
exhibiting, transport or if it can cause any danger for the audience.
The competition will proceed in two stages.
Stage 1:
The jury created by the organisers will review the submitted documentation 
and select works for the final competition. The artists will be informed and 
asked to send or bring personally their works.
 The exact date and place will be given later. The organisers will send back 
neither pictures nor any other documents attached to the entry form which will 
be kept in the competition archives.
Stage 2:
The jury will judge the works and select those ones to be awarded and shown 
at the exhibition.
Decisions of the jury can not be appealed. 
The jury line-up will be announced at least two weeks before the jury sets to 
The prizes will be awarded both by the Jury and the special children jury.
 The organisers will collect funds for the awards. Additional prizes funded 
by other sponsors are allowed.
The costs of sending the books are on the artist.
The organisers are not responsible of any damages caused by the conditions of 
transportation or careless packing by the artist. The books should have 
labels with artist's name, title and notice “Book Art 2006 – Time”.
The participation fee is 50 EU payable to.

Alicja S?owikowska 
 Bank Pekao SA
 I O. w Warszawie  
Pl. Bankowy 2
00-950 Warszawa

PL 37 124    49 1240  1037 1978  0000  0560 0784 

 Once paid the money shall not be returned.
Taking part in the competition means also the acceptance to show the books 
till the end of 2008 at various exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
 The participants agree to use images of their works in different media for 
the promotion of the Book Art Festival.

The organisers can sell the exhibited items if an artist allows them to do 
This should be clearly stated in the entry form and the artists price should 
be given there. 
The organisers will take an extra commission fee that will be used for the 
promotion of the Book Art project.

Competition regulations and entry forms are available at
www.bookart.pl     www.zpap.org.pl        www.book.art.pl          

         The Bonefolder, Vol 2, No 2, Spring 2006 Now Online at
                    Flag Book Bind-O-Rama and Exhibit
                   Entry Deadline, September 15, 2006
             For all your subscription questions, go to the
                      Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
          See <http://www.philobiblon.com> for full information

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