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[BKARTS] Copy paper/Laser compatible paper with rag content?

I have searched the Archives, but cannot find the information, so I bring up this topic again.
Recently, we did an edition of eight oral history books that were photocopied on a 24 lb., 8-1/2" x 11", "Resume Paper" --- a 100% cotton paper made by SOUTHWORTH Co.
For similar projects in the past, we have used the Cougar Opaque and Mohawk Superfine papers, but I like the fact that the Resume Paper from SOUTHWORTH is a rag paper, acid-free and laser compatible. It has a nice feel for a small, special book.
Unfortunately, the "Resume Paper" is only available as an 8-1/2 x 11. Also, the paper has a heavy/deep watermark that disfigured the photographs that were copied (also see note below).
Therefore, I am looking for a copy paper/laser compatible paper, suitable for books of about 8-1/2 x 11, that has some rag content that is available in larger sheets --- about 80 lb. text basis 23 x 35.

Note: Also of interest when photographs are copied: The Southworth paper curled excessively due the the heavy application of toner from the 4" x 6" photographs. According to Craig Jensen, this problem is quite common and there seems to be no solution, other than using a heavier paper --- that, of course, does not work with a book, especially where there is both text and photographs. Are there any other solutions if a book is to be photocopied?

Bill Minter


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