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[BKARTS] Book conservation, documentation.


One question: if a book (artist's book in my possession) is know to be
deteriorating in an archive, is that particular bookwork then, separated
from the arhcive?  Also, by what means is that bookwork documentated if the
presumption is that it will fragment and be lost over time?  (That's two
questions i believe!)

I have read that pencil rubbings can be taken from surface(s) of the book,
and I do realise that bookworks can be documentated digitally etc.  However,
are these the only methods used?  Has any bookwork been scanned into 3D ?

Sorry, I seem to run up a bill of questions!



Paul Bettinson
Nordic Centre For Artists' Books (NCFAB)
Postboks 4703 Sofienberg
0506 Oslo
Org.Nr. 988 639 931

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