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[BKARTS] Epson Stylus Pro 4000

Hello all,

I am hopeful that someone might have insight concerning several issues:
First, I need to print on both the back and front of a single sheet of
paper. I don't mind the fact that there is no a duplicator for my
machine and will have to flip the pages over to print on the rear side.
I do mind that the machine does not hold strict tolerances when printing
sheet to sheet and from back to front. The booklets that I wish to print
are 5.5 square with margins of 3/4''. Any slippage really shows. Is
there any method of assuring accuracy or registration on both sides?

Alternately, if I take this to a professional printer, will a place like
Kinko's register accurately? Is laser printing really poor for a good
artist book? Or should I go to off-set. And if off-set, will they use
paper that I have precut? The last question I can ask my off-set company
with whom I work for business. There are 240 booklets with 24 pages per

I appreciate any advice you can give - thank you, A.

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