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[BKARTS] Tyvek

Tyvek banners hung outdoors with exposure to sunlight can begin to weaken and tear from slight wind within a few months. I know this because I made some expecting them to last much much longer.
Here's a site that gives a good capsule summary of Tyvek's properties: http://graphics.dupont.com/en/productServices/userguide/ whats_special.shtml
I had cut up car covers for my banner material and if I had bothered to read the box would have seen DuPont's helpful information/disclaimer.
The material can be gotten with a UV protective coating but I've no experience with it. I do know that the Tyvek HomeWrap that we put under the siding of our garage bragged about its resistance to mold and wind and almost everything else but nothing about UV or sunlight. Which, since it's meant to be covered up, isn't surprising.
Best, James

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