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Re: [BKARTS] Tyvek in Western Canada


Take a ride up to Red Deer, Alberta Art and Drafting sell it by the roll. As well, Suzanne Cannon at Quietfire Design in Port Alberni sells it cut up into tidy little sheets.

Do NOT use construction grade, especially if you are planning to heat it, apparently noxious fumes are produced by heating the fire retardant coating that is on construction grade Tyvek. The art grade is okay to heat. Why heat you say? some people make beads with it and they have to heat it to fuse it. 

I love it for lining boxes that are to be folded up, it strengthens the fold from the inside There is no cracking at all on Arches cover stock when lined with Tyvek and I see no reason why it wouldn't work for any cover stock. Decorate with gouache and you have a lovely lining for boxes. Adhere with dilute PVA.

Linda in Lethbridge

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